So how can chiropractors help acid reflux symptoms? It’s a common question? When the bones in the middle portion of your spine, the thoracic region, twist out of position, we call that a subluxation.

That twisting out of position impinges the nerve supply and in the mid-thoracic region that nerve goes to your stomach. And when that nerve isn’t sending the proper messages to your stomach, it becomes weaker. As a result, the stomach becomes unable to produce enough hydrochloric acid. So contrary to popular belief, the cause of acid reflux is not too much stomach acid, but rather not enough.

This is because when there is not enough acid in the stomach, it cannot fully digest food and it becomes putrefied. They body’s natural reaction to this undigested mass it to regurgitate it back up, carrying with it some of the acid that is present in the stomach, resulting in the common symptom of heartburn associated with acid reflux.

So the goal is to get to the root cause and reposition the spinal vertebra taking pressure off the nerve thus allowing the proper signals to once again flow through to the stomach. With order restored in the nervous system, the organs return to their proper function and the healing occurs.