What is Belly Breathing?

Deep breathing (also called belly breathing) involves inhaling slowly and steadily through your nose (approximately 5 seconds), allowing your abdomen to expand and fill with air before filling the upper lungs in the chest. Hold the breath for a few seconds; then slowly exhale through puckered lips (another 5 seconds or so). To increase the calming effect, you may imagine that you are breathing in fresh ocean air or the fragrance of a forest or flower. Another tip is to think of your belly as a balloon that you’re inflating.  Belly breathing is recommended for practice throughout your exercise routine to maintain a steady breath and receive maximum results.  It is also recommended to use during meditation, or to simply calm your nerves during stressful situations and times.

Benefits of Belly Breathing include:

  • reduce stress and anger
  • improve relaxation
  • help us overcome fears
  • assist those with PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder)
  • and even control the nausea associated with motion sickness.

How to Belly Breathe

Click the link below to see Melissa demonstrating how to achieve belly breathing!

Belly Breathing with Melissa