10 years ago, I hit a wall going 110 mph. I suffered major injuries and severe trauma to my spine, including a fractured vertebrae. I was a mess.

I couldn’t walk because of terrible sciatic nerve pain. It affected every aspect of my life: I couldn’t walk, my personal life suffered and my professional life suffered. I suffered this way for a year and decided to schedule surgery out of desperation.

I was referred to Smith Chiropractic by one of their current patients. I was hesitant because I tried another chiropractor and physical therapist without any relief. At Smith Chiropractic, I noticed an improvement right away. I saw them 3 times a week for a month and decided to cancel my surgery.

Imagine my relief to avoid surgery, save the money, and time out of work! I’m now four months in and feel great. I’ve also recently realized that I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken a Tums and I took them all of the time prior to coming here. This office is the best and I’ve already referred some of my friends to them.

My mother, father and aunts are all patients of Dr. Nancy’s. So when they heard that I had headaches and a kink in my neck, they immediately directed me to Dr. Nancy’s office. I was suffering with the kink in my neck on and off for months. I was unable to turn my head which was affecting my driving, my work and my day to day activities. I tried heat and Motrin and I felt relief occasionally but the pain would always return. Besides the neck pain, I have been suffering with nausea, daily vomiting and restless leg syndrome as long as I can remember. I have been in and out of the hospital several times and suffering forever. I knew Dr. Nancy could help my neck but I was very skeptical that Chiropractic could help those other symptoms. I even researched it online and was unable to come across any studies that showed the benefits of chiropractic with these types of problems.

When I came to the office, Dr. Nancy performed a consultation and examination and reviewed my x-rays with me. She found certain parts of my spine that were misaligned which was the cause of all of my problems. The nerve impulses from my spine were being pinched and my body wasn’t working properly because of it. I committed to five months of care and am working on my third month.

Since I started care, I haven’t had any headaches, no vomiting, no nausea and the restless leg syndrome is gone!!! It is absolutely unbelievable that I got such amazing results! I have more energy, feel better standing all day at work and I am not as tired. After returning from a vacation, I couldn’t wait to come in for an adjustment because when I stopped getting adjusted I noticed the pain in my neck and back return.

I am so grateful for Dr. Nancy… she has truly changed and saved my life!

After knowing Dr. Nancy for many years, and with our daughters being good friends I knew she was just the person I needed to see. I fell on ice during the winter and fractured my pelvis. My pelvis was healed and I was discharged from my orthopedist but I was progressively having more and more pain. I was unable to walk but they told me they did all they could do for me. I tried physical therapy after I was released but the pain worsened… I knew I had to try something else.

I came in to the office for low back and severe leg pain. Since my fall, I wasn’t able to walk or exercise and I wanted to resume my daily workout regimen. The pain level was a 6 out of 10 and I had constant tingling and numbness down my legs and periodic headaches.

Dr. Nancy performed a full evaluation and found early arthritic changes in my neck. I came into the office for a completely different problem and realized how I have been ignoring or just coping with my neck pain. After a few weeks, I started improving. I had much less leg and back pain. Now I am three months into my care and have more energy, am able to exercise without pain and maintain my base line level of fitness. I can pretty much return to my active life.

I have to admit I was overwhelmed when I was told that I had to come in 3 times a week. I have such a hectic schedule and felt the pressure to make my appointments, but everyone in the office is so warm and friendly and they are so stress and hassle free. Making changes to my appointment times were never a problem.

Even though I come from a family of Doctors and am a nurse myself, I live a more holistic lifestyle and like a more therapeutic touch. Knowing Dr. Nancy and the impeccable reputation that she has, I know I made the right choice about choosing my healthcare provider.