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Blasted Cauliflower

Vegetables are often thought of as boring, bland, or tasteless. This is far from the truth!

Veggies can offer a great source of variety. Cauliflower is especially versatile, and this is just another example of how it can be used. Consider yourself warned: They are addictive!

1 head of cauliflower
1/8 cup of olive […]

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Wobble Chair Exercises: Instructional Video

Have you caught the Wobble Cushion Craze!?  
Use it as a fun and easy way to warm up and stretch your spine throughout the day.  Wobble Cushions are now available for sale at our office!  Here is a quick demonstration by Harper and Henry:

The Wobble Cushion features knobbed surface, the […]

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What do I need for my pantry if I want to give this Paleo thing a try?

A: You can get a good sense by reading through my Shopping Guide, which contains lots of info about pantry basics. But for my super-comprehensive answer to that question, go read the “Stocking Your Kitchen” section in my iPad® app or check out my cookbook.
Nom Nom Paleo Facts- by Michelle Tam
Get more here!!:



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Basic Neck Stretches Exercise Video

Whether you sit at a desk all day, work for hours at a computer, or have experienced a past neck injury, you can benefit from these simple neck stretches!
Click the link below to follow along with Melissa in this easy How To video:
Basic Neck Stretches with Melissa

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Low Back Stretches Exercise Video

Try a few of these basic low back exercises to stretch and strengthen your back and supporting muscles. Repeat each exercise a few times, then increase the number of repetitions as the exercise gets easier.
Click the link below to follow along with Melissa in this easy “How-To” video! :
Low […]

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“What is Belly Breathing for Exercise?” How-to Video!

What is Belly Breathing?
Deep breathing (also called belly breathing) involves inhaling slowly and steadily through your nose (approximately 5 seconds), allowing your abdomen to expand and fill with air before filling the upper lungs in the chest. Hold the breath for a few seconds; then slowly exhale through puckered […]

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Chiropractic & Yoga: Helping Patients Learn to Help Themselves

In this week’s Chiropractic Newsletter, Dynamic Chiropractor, Dr Leroy Perry Jr. elaborate on how Yoga can strongly complement your Chiropractic care.  Delve into this interesting article posted below, which explains how the most relaxing, meditative, and joyful for of exercise can to much more for your health than you […]

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Simple Sippables for Ultimate Health

Curious about the current “juicing” craze?  Get on the bandwagon!  Do-it-yourself HEALTHY smoothies are the easiest way to make healthy food easily digestible, aid in detoxification, and even help control your weight.  Nourishing yourself with these fresh smoothies is even tastier than it looks.
Check out these easy 1-step smoothie […]

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NomNomPaleo.com Makes Paleo as easy as 1,2,3!!!

For all of our amazing guests that recently attended our Paleo Workshop, and for everyone curious about the Paleo Lifestyle in general:  Michelle Tam makes living the Paleo lifestyle easy and fun!!

Michelle Tam, creator of NomNomPaleo.com, has created and amazing online resource for ALL individuals on the Paleo journey […]

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Office Inspiration

At Smith Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we love filling our office with inspiration! Our frequently updated health and wellness quotes can be found at our entrance, in our waiting area, in our patient rooms, on our Facebook page… we just can’t get enough!
Check out some of our new quotes […]

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